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New Service Available
Optimum Health Club
Preventative Medicine
This is an innovative service for cleansing and/or detoxing your system and then 
restoring and building it back up.

You will be sent information on the system of the month, how it functions, what diseases it may get and what to look for.  You will also receive a list of herbs for that specific system and how they work for future reference.

  Starting on January 1st 2014, we will start the first of a twelve month system, cleanse and nourish.  Every month you will receive your kit for the next month by the 20th.  This gives time to make sure you are ready on the first.  

Month 1:  Liver
Month 2:  Circulatory
Month 3:  Urinary
Month 4: Skeletal
Month 5:  Muscular
Month 6:  Integumentary
Month 7:  Reproductive
Month 8:  Lymphatic
Month 9:  Endocrine
Month 10:  Nervous
Month 11:  Digestive
Month 12:  Respiratory

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